The varieties and Benefits of the honey we fill!

Flower honey

Flower honey is one of the most common honey varieties in production and consumption. It is obtained from the places where no plants predominate in the vegetation, ie where different types of plants grow. It is the most preferred honey type in organic honey with its reasonable price.

Honeydew honey

Honeydew honey is mostly obtained from scotch pine in the Aegean Region. Bees do not produce this honey from flower pollen, but with some kind of secretion secreted by scotch pines. This type of honey is found only in Turkey and Greece.

Citrus Honey

Citrus honey is one of the most important organic honeys among honey varieties. It is obtained from the flowers of orange, lemon and tangerine trees, commonly called citrus fruits.Therefore, it is mostly produced in the Mediterranean Region. It allows you to feel the taste and smell of citrus flowers

Sunflower Honey

Sunflower honey, which is another type of organic honey, is the name given to honey obtained from the regions where sunflower cultivation occurs. It is generally obtained from the Thrace Region where sunflower fields are common. This golden honey has a unique taste. It is the cheapest and easiest available h

Linden Honey

This honey is usually obtained from the Black Sea region where linden trees are concentrated. Especially produced in cities such as Rize, Artvin, Yalova. It is a kind of organic honey with a thick consistency

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